Genius Hub

The Genius Hub is an advanced yet remarkably user friendly system.

Suitable for any domestic environment from a 1 bed apartment to a large house. Using wireless smart radiator valves, every room can be zoned and individually temperature controlled for maximum comfort. By adding a motion sensor which monitors occupancy and adjusts the temperature accordingly, significant savings can be achieved on energy bills of 30%. It can be used in any number of commercial buildings such as Hotels, churches, offices or care homes. Capable of controlling any heat source from oil or gas boilers, hot water cylinders, wet underfloor heating, radiators, air and ground source heat pumps, solar or biomass. Designed and manufactured in Birmingham, Genius Hub has won many awards and is regarded as “The smartest home heating system you can buy “ ( Tech Advisor ) 

The Genius Hub App

The Genius Hub app is available on mobile & web. The app allows you to control all rooms in your property.

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Weather compensation

Genius Hub factors in the weather to optimise the heating dependant on the external temperature. On a colder day it will provide more heat and on a warmer day less heat.

Heating history

Genius Hub remembers your daily routine and desired temperature for each room. You can look at the history and change setpoints and start times to save energy or improve comfort.

Zoned heating

Heat the rooms you use regularly to a comfortable temperature and lower the temperature In unoccupied rooms to save energy.

Smart heating

The Genius Hub will know when a room is unoccupied and lower the temperature, if the room is then occupied it will raise the temperature to a comfortable setpoint.


Occupants of a room can easily adjust the temperature from the radiator valve or wall thermostat.

Wireless communication

Devices talk wirelessly throughout the building, making installation hassle and mess free.

Remote access

Control the heating in every room from any smart phone, tablet or laptop with multiple users so your family or staff can make adjustments.

Open window detection

The Genius radiator valve or room sensor can detect when a window has been left open turning off automatically.

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