Gas Boiler Servicing

Boiler Servicing Checklist

  • A visual check is carried out on the boiler, pipe work and flue.
  • The boiler cover is removed and all components are inspected for corrosion, leaks and heat damage.
  • The gas pipe work is tested for leaks, correct sizing and the correct pressure.
  • If the boiler is losing pressure or the pressure is rising during use then an expansion vessel test is carried out and if necessary it is recharged.
  • The boiler is tested with a flue gas analyser and adjusted if necessary to ensure peak efficiency and safe operation.
  • A record of all the above tests, findings and recommendations are recorded, emailed to you and kept on our database.

EcoThermNI provide servicing and repair of all types of gas boiler in the Greater Belfast area.

Boiler manufacturers recommend gas boilers are serviced annually.
This ensures an efficient, safe and problem free boiler.

If not serviced regularly, minor faults can lead to higher energy bills, an expensive repair or worse still, a danger to you and your family.

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